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Pete Rose

September 26, 2009

Charlie Hustle. To most baseball fans, that’s all you need to say. The nickname alone conjures up images of a mop-topped, clay-stained uniform flying into third base or home plate with reckless abandon. As soon as the first pitch crossed the plate, there was no let up in his play until the final batter was retired. Pete Rose, as a player, was a shoo-in to the Hall of Fame. But that certain path was detoured after Pete Rose, the manager, was tangled up in a gambling scandal that ultimately led to his banishment from the game of baseball. Twenty years after his lifetime ban, the debate still rages. Is there a place for Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame?

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Pedro Martinez

August 20, 2009

Pedro Martinez never shies away from a challenge. Whether it’s the best hitters the American League has to offer, a journalist with a recorder or a very old bench coach, Martinez is a fearless pitcher who refuses to relinquish the inner part of the plate to anyone. Considered one of the best pitchers to take the mound in the last twenty years, he’s earned three Cy Young Awards and a Championship ring. Does Pedro stack up against the best of all-time? Is he Hall or no Hall?

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