Hall or No Hall (HoNH) has been in our sights for at least two years.  Each time we got serious about the idea, life got in the way and the project lost steam.  Finally, on June 19th 2009, we traded tweets and committed to bringing the idea to life.

The site is simple—we debate if a player belongs in the Hall of Fame.  We will focus on the big three U.S. sports: baseball, football and basketball.  Each week we will select a player and two writers will independently draft their own opinions.  The writers are blind to what each other is writing.  Sometimes the writers will arrive at the same conclusion using frighteningly similar arguments.  Sometimes they’ll differ so dramatically you’ll think they are talking about different players.  Either way, we promise a good read for any sports fan.

Happy reading, and remember, we are just a couple dudes that love sports.  We are not professional writers and we are not a part of the Associated Press, so get off our asses :).


We are just a couple dudes (no lady writers yet, however, if you are interested send one of us an email) that enjoy sports.

Matt Thompson


Matt ThompsonMatt Thompson is the idea man behind Hall or No Hall.  Matt’s dreams of being a pro athlete ended when he weighed 100 pounds in the third grade.  These days Matt is a Digital Account Director at an interactive marketing firm in Tallahassee, Florida.  He’s a husband and papa of two children—a two year old daughter and a 7-month old son.  His favorite pro teams include the Atlanta Braves and Miami Dolphins.  Matt roots for all things Florida State.  You can follow Matt on Twitter @mthompson55.

Jonathan Brown


Jonathan BrownJonathan Brown is the logistics man behind Hall or No Hall.  Jonathan’s road to becoming a professional ball player ended after his freshman year in high school when he hung up the baseball and football cleats for a future in music.  Unfortunately he wasn’t a very good musician either, but had a natural talent for messing with computers.  Jonathan currently runs his own web development firm, Develop Things, LLC.  Jonathan lives in Orlando, Florida, and spends his time writing software, waterskiing and boating, and playing with his ten year old daughter.  Baseball is his favorite sport and his favorite pro teams include the Atlanta Braves and Miami Dolphins.  You can visit his personal website at jonathanbrown.me or follow him on Twitter @JonathanBrown.

Isaac Rickert


Isaac RickertIsaac Rickert was a stellar athlete in high school. He was the captain of his main program when he was a junior. Unfortunately, it was cross country. Isaac now lives in the Washington, DC area working as a digital producer for an advertising agency. In his free time, he will tell you everything you could ever want to know about the past three years of the NFL. He loves his Denver Broncos and Kansas City Royals (what?) and will probably fight you if you say anything bad about them. Okay, probably not. You can follow Isaac on Twitter @I_R.

Brad Rizza


Brad RizzaBrad Rizza was a tortured Boston sports fan until 2002 when a 6th round draft pick from Michigan set off a ten year winning streak unmatched by any region in history. Despite being an unabashed homer, Brad attempts to remain unbiased and fair, ranting less frequently and mostly using indoor voices. The dream for Brad continues as he is currently manages the communications department for a bi-coastal advertising firm. Brad also holds out hope that the American University Eagles will one day win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. You can follow Brad on Twitter @_BRizzza.